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Master Procurement Principles with the IOSCM – UK Certified Procurement Specialist (CPS) Program

Enhance your expertise in procurement principles and practices with the Chicago Management Training Institute’s (CMTI) prestigious CPS program, endorsed by the Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM – UK). Designed to accommodate diverse professionals, this comprehensive certification equips participants with the knowledge and skills essential for driving efficiency and value within their organizations.

Flexible Learning Options for Comprehensive Knowledge

The CPS program encompasses vital procurement topics through flexible online or in-person learning options, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality. Participants delve into the intricacies of purchasing, procurement, and supply chain management, gaining insights into both private and public sector practices.

Certification Beyond Boundaries

Upon successful completion, participants qualify for IoSCM – UK certification, a testament to their mastery of procurement principles and commitment to excellence. With a comprehensive understanding of procurement processes, methodologies, and industry trends, CPS graduates stand poised to make significant contributions to their organizations’ success.

Excellence Defined: Exam Details and Recertification

The certification exam, comprising 150 multiple-choice questions, challenges participants to demonstrate their proficiency within a three-hour timeframe. Certification remains valid for three years, after which reexamination ensures alignment with current industry standards, maintaining the program’s commitment to excellence.

Empowering Professionals Across Industries

The CPS program caters to a diverse range of professionals, including procurement managers, purchasing professionals, supply chain managers, contract administrators, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the field, the CPS program provides the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the dynamic realm of procurement.

Invest in Your Future Today

Advance your career and make a lasting impact within your organization. Join the ranks of CPS-certified professionals and unlock a world of opportunities in procurement excellence. Enroll now and embark on a journey towards professional growth and success with the IOSCM – UK Certified Procurement Specialist program.

Empowering Professionals: The Certified Operations Manager (Level 3) Program

In today’s complex business landscape, effective supply chain management is crucial for organizations seeking to maintain a competitive edge. The Certified Operations Manager (Level 3) program, offered by the prestigious Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM® UK), stands as a beacon for professionals aiming to elevate their expertise in this critical field.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The program offers a deep dive into essential aspects of supply chain operations, covering procurement, inventory management, logistics, distribution, and beyond. Participants commence on a journey through a meticulously crafted syllabus, delving into topics such as supply chain components, logistics strategies, risk management methodologies, and performance measurement techniques. Through interactive sessions and real-world case studies, learners gain a holistic understanding of supply chain dynamics and emerging trends, equipping them with the knowledge needed to navigate today’s global marketplace with confidence.

Eligibility and Target Audience

While the program does not mandate specific prerequisites, candidates are encouraged to possess at least one year of experience in logistics operations. Additionally, a fundamental grasp of supply chain concepts and vertical/horizontal relationships is recommended. The program caters to a diverse audience, including supply chain managers, logistics coordinators, procurement specialists, warehouse managers, distribution professionals, and operations executives, providing valuable insights and practical skills applicable across various industries and organizational settings.

Examination and Certification

The certification journey culminates in a rigorous examination comprising 150 multiple-choice questions, designed to assess participants’ comprehension of key concepts and their ability to apply them in real-world scenarios. With a duration of three hours, the exam challenges candidates to demonstrate their proficiency in supply chain management principles and practices. Upon successful completion, participants are awarded the prestigious Certified Operations Manager (Level 3) certification, recognized globally as a testament to their expertise and commitment to excellence in the field.

Continuous Professional Development

The journey does not end with certification. In alignment with industry standards, the certification is valid for three years, after which re-certification is required to ensure professionals remain abreast of evolving practices and emerging trends in supply chain management. Through continuous learning and professional development activities, certified professionals stay ahead of the curve, positioning themselves as invaluable assets to their organizations and the broader supply chain community.


The Certified Operations Manager (Level 3) program represents more than just a certification—it is a transformative experience that empowers professionals to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of supply chain management. By equipping participants with practical skills, industry insights, and globally recognized credentials, the program serves as a catalyst for career advancement, organizational success, and industry-wide innovation. Embrace the opportunity to unlock your potential and make a lasting impact in the realm of supply chain excellence with the Certified Operations Manager (Level 3) program.

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