Easy Pass

Easy Pass

A Guaranteed Certification Passing Program


The Certification Exam Preparation Program is tailored for individuals who have completed requisite training with other providers but face challenges in successfully passing the certification exam. It is designed to offer targeted support, resources, and a structured study framework to enhance performance in certification assessments.

At CMTI, success in the International Exam is within your reach. We’re committed to ensuring your thorough preparation every step of the way. Our method begins with a meticulous assessment of your knowledge, tailoring training to your needs before and after classes.

Step 1: Engage in a comprehensive 90-hour curriculum of instructor-led sessions, encompassing a meticulously crafted set of 2000 real-time multiple-choice questions designed to enhance your knowledge and proficiency.

Step 2: Evaluate your program through model-based and subject-based examinations, encompassing a rigorous assessment framework comprising 1000 multiple-choice questions.

Step 3: Confirm your preparedness with a series of three culminating full examinations administered before the International Exam, solidifying your readiness for the upcoming assessment.

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