Professional Development Program: Primavera P6 – Professional Project Management

Certification Body: Oracle Corporation

Overview: Primavera P6, developed by Oracle®, stands as a cornerstone in project management tools, catering to diverse industries such as construction and IT. Renowned for its robust scheduling, tracking, and reporting capabilities, it seamlessly integrates with Oracle and SAP’s ERP systems, showcasing its enduring legacy in project management excellence. This comprehensive program delves into Primavera P6’s functionalities, equipping participants with the skills to effectively manage projects from inception to completion.

Learning Objectives: Participants of this program will gain proficiency in:

  1. Planning, Scheduling, and Control: Master the art of project planning, scheduling, and control using Primavera P6’s advanced features.
  2. Managing Multiple Projects: Learn techniques to efficiently manage multiple projects concurrently, ensuring optimal resource allocation and project prioritization.
  3. Resource Allocation and Progress Tracking: Explore strategies for allocating resources effectively and tracking project progress to ensure timely completion.
  4. Monitoring, Controlling, and Visualizing Performance: Develop the ability to monitor project performance, implement corrective actions, and visualize project data for informed decision-making.
  5. Integration of Financial and Human Resources: Understand how to integrate financial and human resource data into Primavera P6 for comprehensive project management.

Target Audience: This program is tailored for professionals including but not limited to:

  • Project Managers: Individuals responsible for overseeing project execution and ensuring project goals are met.
  • Project Planners: Professionals involved in creating project plans and schedules to guide project execution.
  • Project Schedulers: Experts in scheduling tasks and activities to ensure project timelines are met.
  • Construction Managers: Individuals overseeing construction projects and ensuring compliance with specifications and regulations.
  • Program Managers: Managers responsible for coordinating multiple projects to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Engineers: Professionals involved in designing and implementing project solutions.
  • Portfolio Managers: Individuals responsible for managing a portfolio of projects to maximize organizational value.
  • Schedulers: Experts in scheduling tasks and activities to optimize resource utilization and project efficiency.

Course Contents:

Introduction to Primavera P6 EPPM R8:

  • Understanding Primavera P6: Gain insight into the features and capabilities of Primavera P6.
  • Navigating through Data and Basics: Learn how to navigate the Primavera P6 interface and access essential project data.
  • Exploring Various Views: Understand the different views available in Primavera P6 and how to utilize them for project management.
  • Enterprise Project Structure (EPS): Learn how to create and manage the enterprise project structure to organize projects effectively.
  • Project Creation and Modification: Master the process of creating and modifying projects in Primavera P6.
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development: Explore techniques for developing a work breakdown structure to break down project tasks.
  • Activities Addition and Editing: Learn how to add and edit activities in Primavera P6 to create a comprehensive project plan.
  • Scheduling Techniques: Understand different scheduling techniques and methods to create realistic project schedules.
  • Constraints Assignment: Explore how to assign constraints to activities to ensure project deadlines are met.
  • Data Formatting for Clarity: Learn how to format project data for clarity and ease of understanding.
  • Roles and Resources Management: Understand how to manage roles and resources in Primavera P6 to ensure adequate resource allocation.
  • Resource and Cost Assignments: Explore techniques for assigning resources and costs to project activities.
  • Resource Analysis and Optimization: Learn how to analyze resources and optimize resource utilization for project efficiency.
  • Project Plan Baseline Establishment: Master the process of establishing a project plan baseline to track project progress effectively.

Designing and Configuring Primavera Solutions in P6 R8:

  • Enterprise and Organizational Structure Design: Develop the enterprise and organizational structure to align with project management objectives.
  • Security Solutions Design: Implement security solutions to protect sensitive project data and ensure data integrity.
  • User Administration Process Design: Design user administration processes to manage user access and permissions effectively.
  • Resource Breakdown Structure Design: Create a resource breakdown structure to categorize and manage project resources efficiently.
  • Roles Dictionary Design: Develop a roles dictionary to define roles and responsibilities within the project team.
  • Resource and Activity Coding Library Design: Design coding libraries for resources and activities to standardize project data.
  • User-Defined Field Solutions Design: Customize Primavera P6 using user-defined fields to capture additional project information.
  • Calendar Solution Design: Develop calendar solutions to define working hours and non-working days for accurate scheduling.
  • Project Data Maintenance and Governance Solution Design: Establish data maintenance and governance solutions to ensure data accuracy and consistency.
  • Financial Management Solutions Design: Implement financial management solutions to track project costs and budgets effectively.
  • Administrative Preferences and Settings Solutions Definition: Define administrative preferences and settings to customize Primavera P6 according to organizational requirements.
  • Currency Definition: Define currency settings to manage project finances in multiple currencies.
  • Activity Step Templates Design: Create activity step templates to streamline project planning and execution.
  • User Interface Views Design: Design user interface views to customize the Primavera P6 interface for improved usability.
  • Portfolio Management and Configuration: Develop portfolio management solutions to manage a portfolio of projects effectively.
  • Portfolio Information and Chart Views Design: Design portfolio information and chart views to analyze portfolio performance.
  • Dashboard and Portfolio View Solutions Design: Create dashboards and portfolio views to visualize project and portfolio data effectively.
  • Resource Capacity Planning Solution Design: Develop resource capacity planning solutions to ensure optimal resource allocation across projects.
  • New Resource Management Features in P6 EPPM R8: Explore new resource management features introduced in Primavera P6 EPPM R8.
  • Risk and Issue Management Solution Design: Design risk and issue management solutions to identify, assess, and mitigate project risks effectively.
  • Project Templates Design: Create project templates to standardize project planning and execution processes.
  • Web-Based Reporting Implementation: Implement web-based reporting solutions to generate project reports and dashboards for stakeholders.

Project and Portfolio Management:

  • Resource Management Strategies: Learn strategies for managing project resources effectively to ensure project success.
  • Risk and Issue Management Techniques: Explore techniques for identifying, assessing, and managing project risks and issues.
  • Business Process Management Integration: Integrate project management processes with business processes to improve organizational efficiency.
  • Utilizing Project Templates: Learn how to utilize project templates to streamline project planning and execution processes.

Conclusion: This professional development program offers a comprehensive exploration of Primavera P6, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge necessary for efficient project and portfolio management. Through a blend of theoretical understanding and practical application, attendees will emerge adept in utilizing Primavera P6 to streamline project workflows, enhance resource utilization, mitigate risks, and ultimately drive project success. Join us and unlock the full potential of Primavera P6 as a cornerstone in your journey towards project management proficiency and organizational success.

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