Become a CMQ®/OE Certified Manager for Quality/Organizational Excellence

Achieve Quality Excellence with ASQ® Certification

Earning certification from ASQ® as a CMQ®/OE Certified Manager for Quality/Organizational Excellence is a hallmark of quality excellence across various industries. It not only propels your career forward but also enhances your organization’s performance through your mastery of quality skills. Achieving certification underscores your dedication to quality and the positive impact it brings to your organization.

Certification Overview

Certification from ASQ® stands as a beacon of expertise in quality management, providing a thorough understanding of project quality management methodologies and proficiency in quality development and deployment. Participants delve into the intricacies of the 7 Quality Management Tools, while also assessing their current project understanding and management skills.

Examination Details

The examination process, whether computer-delivered or via paper and pencil, tests participants’ knowledge through a series of multiple-choice questions. With a total time allotment of 4.5 hours, including 15 unscored questions for future exam development purposes, participants must showcase their comprehensive understanding of quality management principles.

Re-Certification and Professional Development

Re-certification is a crucial aspect of maintaining ASQ® certification, requiring professionals to fulfill specific professional development requirements every three years. Documenting all professional development activities and ensuring alignment with the CMQ/OE Body of Knowledge are essential steps in this process.

Course Content

The course content covers a broad spectrum of topics, including leadership, strategic plan development and deployment, management elements and methods, quality management tools, customer-focused organizations, and supply chain management. This comprehensive curriculum prepares participants for the multifaceted role of a CMQ®/OE Certified Manager for Quality/Organizational Excellence.

Target Audience

Targeted towards project managers, quality managers, performance improvement officers, quality engineers, team leaders, and anyone involved in quality-related initiatives, ASQ® certification opens doors to new career opportunities and enhances professional growth in the field of quality management.

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