Final Assessment

Final Assessment

Chicago Management Training Institute (CMTI) implements a meticulous assessment strategy customized for its certificate and certification programs, prioritizing comprehensive learning and proficiency verification.


In certificate programs, CMTI conducts a rigorous 3-hour evaluation on the program’s final day. This assessment demands a minimum proficiency of 80% for individuals seeking course completion certification. It serves as a critical measure to ensure participants have not just completed the curriculum but deeply understood and absorbed the essential concepts.


For certification programs, CMTI orchestrates an intensive journey. Candidates undergo 40 hours of comprehensive training, supplemented by 90 hours of specialized sessions aimed at reinforcing and expanding their knowledge base. Additionally, 10 simulation exams simulate real-world challenges, enabling students to apply their knowledge practically. The certification culminates in a final evaluation guided by industry experts. This last assessment not only verifies proficiency but also bridges any remaining gaps, ensuring candidates are well-prepared for international exams.

Proficient Professionals:

CMTI’s meticulous assessment methodology aims not just to validate knowledge but to produce professionals equipped to excel in their respective fields. This approach reflects CMTI’s steadfast dedication to fostering excellence in professional development.

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